How to Get an Extra 250 Hours 
This Year in Only 5 Days

Join Dr. Garland Vance for 5 days to discover how YOU can free up 5 hours every week for the next year.


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In This Challenge You Will Discover…

  • All of the commitments that you’ve made and how much time they are really taking from you.
  • How your feelings about some of your obligations determine how you should respond to it.
  • A proven process that helps you focus on your most important people and projects.
  • The three ways you can get rid of the responsibilities you hate — at work and home.
  • How to get back $12,500 worth of your time this year in just 5 days.

And the best part?

You Don’t Pay One Cent

That’s right, this 5-Day Challenge is 100% Free.
You might wonder, “What the catch? Why would Garland do this for FREE?”
There are 2 reasons…
The first is that this is my PASSION!

I love to help high-capacity leaders and entrepreneurs stress less, accomplish more, and fulfill their biggest dreams and highest priorities.

I used to believe that you just needed better time management to do that. 

But I was WRONG.

I was great at time management, but I had so many commitments that the stress NEARLY KILLED ME. 

I realized that, before you can ever stress less and accomplish more, you need to FREE UP YOUR LIFE by getting rid of unwanted commitments that drain your time and energy.

I developed a simple process to help you discover how to identify your unwanted commitments and get rid of them.

In the next 5 days, I want to help you get back 250 hours this year by following the process.

The second reason I’m providing so much training for free is that at the end of the 5 days, I’m going to offer you the opportunity to free up more of your time and energy….

However, please know that the next level of training is completely optional. You’re free to complete the 5-Day Challenge, walk away with 5 extra hours every week, and not invest anything.


Register Now Before You Waste 5 Hours THIS Week…

He Did It and So Can You...

Register Now Before You Waste 5 Hours THIS Week…

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