Are You Stressed, Exhausted, Overwhelmed, and Burned Out?
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You're busy. But do you know what it’s doing to you?

When someone asks you how you’re doing, do you tell them that you’re busy? Are you stressed out because you have so much to do? 

Today, it seems like everyone is busy. But it’s killing us all. 


Busyness is an overcommitment to too many good commitments. And it’s killing you physically, mentally, emotionally, and relationally.

Busyness diminishes your productivity and can sink entire companies.

But busyness is a badge of honor.

Have you noticed that people (maybe even you) brag about how busy they are? They talk about their “packed schedules” and having “so much to do.” They say that “there’s never enough time” and that they wish they could have “a few more hours in the day.”

Why? Because they believe that busyness is a sign that their lives are important and meaningful. 

So they brag how busy they are, while complaining about how stressed out they feel.

Does this sound familiar?

But here’s the reality…

When you brag about how busy you are while complaining about feeling overwhelmed, it’s like complaining that you have lung cancer while bragging that you smoke two packs of cigarettes every day.

How do you get rid of your stress, overwhelm and exhaustion? You’ve got to get (un)busy. 

What is Gettin' (un)Busy?

Gettin' (un)Busy is a 30-Day online course that will help you stress less, accomplish more, and fulfill your biggest priorities. 

Where did Gettin' (un)Busy come from?

Do you ever have tension headaches from all the stress you carry around?
Do you have trouble breathing sometimes because you have so much to do?
Do you go to bed exhausted and wake up feeling the same?

Dr. Garland Vance knows how you feel. In 2013, he nearly burned out while leading a nonprofit, having a family, and working on his doctorate in leadership and spiritual formation. After he nearly crashed, he focused his doctoral research on discovering a powerful, proven, and research-driven system that will help you shed stress, accomplish your dreams, and love life. 

In Gettin' (un)Busy, you will learn:

 • the inhibiting beliefs that keep you trapped in busyness 
 • why time management isn’t the solution
 • how to attain your biggest goals 
 • the unwanted commitments that keep you from your priorities 
 • how to take control of your life so that you don’t burn out
 • and much more….

If you’re ready to do less, get more done, and fulfill some of your biggest dreams for your life, it’s time to get (un)busy!

What is busyness doing to you?

It’s easy to think “everybody’s busy. It can’t be that bad, right?” But research shows that busyness is doing massive damage to you.
  • Physically - discover how stress from busyness has been linked to over 26 physical problems
  • Mentally - understand how busyness distracts you from your highest priorities and from being present to your most important people and projects.
  • Emotionally - discover how the World Health Organization recently diagnosed “workplace burnout” as a medical condition and how busyness has been linked to burnout at work and home.
  • ​Relationally - learn how busyness causes you to “depersonalize” people even while you try to serve and lead them. 
  • ​Productivity – uncover how busyness makes you feel productive while actually decreasing your ability to accomplish your most important tasks.
  • ​Organizationally – discern how busyness doesn’t just affect your life but all of the people you work with and the people you lead.

What people are saying about
Gettin' (un)Busy?

The 30-Day Gettin' (un)Busy Course is based on Garland Vance’s book, Gettin’ (un)Busy: 
5 Steps to Kill Busyness and Live with Purpose, Productivity, and Peace.

Forbes listed Gettin' (un)Busy as “one of the books everyone on your team should read”.

What you will get from the Gettin' (un)Busy 30-Day Course

  • Live at a pace that helps you enjoy your life and leadership
  • Replace your bad habits that keep you trapped in overcommitment with good habits that keep you focused on your highest priorities
  • Make more time for your most important and most energizing relationships
  • ​Get back 5-10 hours every week by eliminating, delegating, or negotiating from (un)wanted commitments
  • ​Design your life around the 4 best practices of purposeful, productive, and peaceful people
  • ​Develop a morning routine that helps you start and continue your day with a sense of peace
  • ​Start managing your calendar so that you have time to do what’s most important to you
  • ​Free your mind from constant barrage of fleeting thoughts about all the things you must do
  • ​Bring your family, friends, and coworkers into an (un)busy lifestyle so that you enjoy community together
  • ​And much, much more….

Your Instructor

Your instructor for this Gettin' (un)Busy 30-Day Course is Garland Vance.
Garland has been helping people and teams get clarity about their life and leadership for over twenty years. He is an author, speaker, and consultant. Along with his wife, Dorothy, he cofounded AdVance Leadership to help overwhelmed influencers and organizations live with Purpose, Productivity, and Peace. 

As a former Leadership Development Pastor and Director of one of Chick-fil-A’s nonprofits, Garland has poured into influencers at all levels. He’s helped thousands of people discover and live out their life purpose, enhance their clarity and productivity, and impact the world around them. 

Garland earned a Doctorate in Leadership and Spiritual Formation from Denver Seminary. 

As much as he loves to work, it’s not his highest priority. Garland enjoys reading, watching movies, drinking coffee, trying new food, engaging in deep conversations, running, and East Tennessee hiking. But most of all, he loves spending time with his wife, Dorothy, and their three children.

What Do You Get with the Gettin' (un)Busy 30-Day Course?

  • 30 life-changing lessons that will replace your stress, exhaustion, and overwhelm and with Purpose, Productivity, and Peace ($9,997 value)
  • ​Audio files of all the lessons so you can listen on the go
  • 6 Bonuses that will maximize your ability to get – AND STAY – (un)busy.


I almost didn’t include these bonuses because they could be entire products by themselves. 

But I want to give you every advantage to get (un)busy. 

Plus, I want this decision to be a no-brainer for you.

That’s why I’m giving you SIX BONUSES (valued at $1,532) absolutely FREE. These bonuses will be delivered 30 days after you sign up. 

BONUS #1: How to Accomplish More by Taking One Day Off ($197 value)

  • Discover one of my secret weapons to beating busyness – taking one day off every week
  • How to determine what you will don’t – and won’t do on your weekly day off
  • Understand how taking one day off actually makes you more productive
  • Design your perfect day off

BONUS #2: How to Draw Your Family into Gettin' (un)Busy ($97 value)

  • Perfect for parents who want to help their family slow down and enjoy more time together
  • How to evaluate different seasons of your life to make sure you stay (un)busy
  • How to help your family evaluate together what they believe their most important commitments are

BONUS #3: My Secret Formula for Determining My Highest Priorities ($497 value)

  • Once you get (un)busy, you’re going to have more time for your biggest dreams and highest priorities
  • Evaluate all of your competing priorities to determine what’s most important
  • Accomplish more by time blocking what is most important to you

BONUS #4: How to Get Your Team at Work (un)Busy ($397 value)

  • Help your team stress less and accomplish more by leading them to get (un)busy
  • Discover the SIMM framework that will focus your team on completing your most important projects
  • Implement the three kinds of boundaries that will help your team love their job and get more done

BONUS #5: How to Crush Your Goals in 90 Days ($297 value)

  • Learn the power of focusing on less goals for shorter periods of time
  • Uncover the process that has helped people uncover their biggest goals and turn them into reality
  • Start finishing your most important goals in less time than ever before

BONUS #6: How to Increase the Profitability and Productivity of Your Company by Taking One Day Off ($47 value)

  • How shutting down once each week can help your company attract and retain talent
  • Why taking a day off actually increases your customer engagement
  • Practical insights on how to implement a company-wide day off

Total Value = $12,823

Your Price - Only $497

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Paying money for this type of course can be scary. Don’t worry. If you do the work, you’ll get the results. But—if for some reason—you do the work but don’t get the results, you have 30 days to get a full refund.

Think about it. You can try the entire 30-day course, and if you don’t get the results you wanted, you’ll get your money back.

Here are a few of the secrets you’ll learn in the 30-Day Gettin' (un)Busy Course:

  • Why you wear busyness like a badge of honor 
  • What happens to your children and coworkers when you overcommit them 
  • Why busyness feels so good even though it’s so bad for you
  • ​How anxiety, depression, and disease are all linked to having too much to do
  • ​The 5 steps you must take to beat busyness and why you must take them in the right order
  • ​The 20 best practices of highly productive and peaceful, (un)busy people
  • ​How you get sucked into the Busyness Vortex of hurry, worry, and scurry…and how to get out
  • ​The three Inhibiting Beliefs that keep you trapped in overcommitment and the Empowering Truths that can overcome them
  • ​The two bad habits that you must break to get (un)busy (and the easy ways to break those habits)
  • ​The simple exercise to free up 5-10 hours of time every week
  • The “Core 4” habits that you must build your life around
  • ​A step-by-step process for turning your dreams into reality
  • ​How to take a Weekly day off and still manage to get more done each week than you currently are
  • ​The simple questions you can answer to develop a weekly plan
  • ​And so much more…

Time is of the essence

It’s easy to think, “I’m so busy. I don’t have time for this now. I’ll get it next time.” But if you don’t commit to beat busyness now, when are you ever going to be less busy? NEVER!

Now is the time to beat busyness. 

So, commit to getting (un)busy now. 

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